Produkter: A-Å

No matter what you manufacture, if bonding is an option we can provide you with a standard or specially developed solution to fit your individual production processes. In fact, our target is that 10% of our business is derived from new products, which is why we focus so heavily on product development.

Our specialists are ready for anything

At Bostik, we treat every project as a new challenge. That means we make sure we have a thorough understanding of your needs as they relate to materials and quality demands, as well as to any technical, commercial and environmental issues. Decades of continuous advancement have resulted in a wide variety of innovative products and applications, and at Bostik our involvement means not only helping you find the right Bostik product, but also providing knowledge for achieving the best possible result.

Today, we focus on seven different industry areas for the use of our products; Assembly, Construction, Flexible packaging, Marine, Rigid packaging, Tapes & labels and Transportation.